Jerry Mlinar

Jerry Mlinar entered the mortgage industry in 2000 with a background in business planning and marketing. Since then, he has helped numerous customers achieve their dream of being a homeowner. Jerry firmly believes that educating his customers at the onset of the mortgage process is the key to a successful mortgage experience. First-time homebuyers often have many questions. The earlier expectations are set, the smoother the mortgage process will be. Jerry explains, “What sets me apart from the competition is my experience and availability to my customers.”

Jerry’s wife Roxana, who is a nurse, calls him the ‘mortgage doctor’ because his customers can reach him at any time like the on-call doctors with whom she works. Jerry would rather have his customers contact him on the weekend and answer their questions than have his clients worry about their concerns over the entire weekend. He believes that if you love what you do, then what you do isn’t really a job – it is a part of who you are. Jerry is just as excited about helping that first-time homebuyer today as when he first started in this business.