Using a Credit Card To Build Credit: The Best Credit Cards for Millennials

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Credit cards are not typically designed for particular demographics, but lenders may include benefits and rewards for a certain subgroup. For example, millennials are more into unique experiences and creating memories than owning things. Therefore, credit cards should allow this group to spend money on things that make them happy, like traveling, online shopping, or dining out. Also, since millennials have little credit history, using a credit card should help them to build credit in readiness for future major purchases. Features like these make some credit cards more suitable for millennials than others.

This article discusses cards we consider the best credit cards for millennials. Choose one or more whose perks make the most sense for you.

In this article, we discuss investing in your 50s in readiness for your latter years.

First-Rated Credit Cards for Millennials

Here’s a summary of the most desirable credit cards for millennials:

Credit Card Best For Credit Score Annual Fee Welcome Bonus
Chase Freedom Flex Rewards for all-round purchase categories 700-749 $0 $200
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card Travel 700-749 $95 75,000 bonus points
Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Amazon Prime shopping 670 or above $0 $100 Amazon Gift Card
Citi Custom Cash Card Adapts to your spending 580 or above $0 $200
Bilt World Elite Mastercard Rent payments 700-749 $0 N/A

  1. Citi Custom Cash Card

  2. The Citi Custom Cash Card is the ultimate millennial credit card because it adapts to your spending rather than offering special bonuses for particular categories. You automatically receive up to 5% cash back on your monthly expenditures in the category that matters the most to you. For example, if most of your spending is on entertainment, you get cashback in that category for up to the first $500 spent per month. The Citi Custom Cash Card makes using this credit card to build credit easy because it increases your spending ability.

    Besides the 5% cash back offer, you also get 4% back on car rentals, hotels, and attractions that you book on the Citi Travel portal and 1% on all your other purchases. After opening your account, you will also enjoy $200 in cash back for the first $1500 in the first six months. The bonus is in the form of 20,000 ThankYou Points that you can redeem for $200.

    As one of the best and most versatile credit cards for millennials, the card does not require you to pay an annual fee, and the introductory APR is 0% for the first 15 months from account opening. After this, the APR varies between 19.24% - 29.24%, depending on creditworthiness.

  3. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

  4. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is the choice credit card for travel enthusiasts and foodies with a higher budget. The welcome bonus is a generous 75,000 bonus points for spending $4,000 in the first three months of holding the account, which translates to $1,125 when redeemed through Chase Travel. The card attracts a 22.49% - 29.49% variable APR without an introductory APR. To qualify, you must have an excellent credit score and pay $95 annually.

    The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is among the best credit cards for millennials because using this credit card makes it easy to build credit and it’s easy to rack up reward points and redeem them to cover travel costs. For example, after spending the first $300 on travel purchases through Chase Travel each year, you earn 10x total points on car rentals and hotels and 5x total points on flights. You also get 3x points on all other dining and travel and a point for each $1 spent on all other purchases.

  5. The Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa

  6. Smartphone displaying the Amazon Prime sign up page

    80% of millennials shop online because shopping websites offer a wider variety and convenience. So, naturally, an Amazon Prime Visa card is a staple among millennials. Along with using this credit card to build your credit history, your Prime membership qualifies you for a 5% cash back on purchases from, Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and Chase Travel. You also get 2% back for spending in restaurants, gas stations, and local transit and 1% back on your other purchases.

    The Amazon Prime Visa has a $0 annual fee, and for a welcome offer, they give you a $100 Amazon gift card upon approval for your Prime membership. Although this credit card does not have an introductory APT, cardholders can choose the interest-free monthly payment option or earn rewards on particular Amazon purchases throughout their membership.

  7. Chase Freedom Flex

  8. The Chase Freedom Flex credit card is among the best credit cards for millennials, offering all-around benefits. It’s good for young adults who have built their credit history for a while because you need a credit score of 700-749 to qualify. On enrollment, you get a $200 welcome bonus for spending $500 on purchases for the first three months. There’s also a 0% introductory APR for the first 15 months, and after that, you get a fair rate, varying between 20.49% and 29.24%, with no annual fees.

    Using this credit card can help to build credit fast because its earnings structure covers many expenses and has the highest cash back awards. You earn 5% of your spending of up to $1,500 in bonus categories that rotate every three months. For example, you may earn 5% on travels paid for using Chase Travel. You may also qualify for 3% cash back for drugstore and dining and 1% on all other expenses. You also get access to World Elite Mastercard benefits like Lyft credits and cellphone insurance.

  9. Bilt World Elite Mastercard

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    Did you know paying your bills using a credit card can help to build credit? The Bill World Elite Mastercard allows you to make credit on your rent payments. You earn 1x rewards on rent payments for up to 100,000 points every calendar year and 2x points on travel costs when booked directly with an airline, car rental, hotel, or cruise company. Dining earns you 3x points, while other purchases get you 1x points. You can redeem your earnings for travel, which makes this one of the best credit cards for millennials: you earn rewards by paying your regular bills and redeem them to fund a hobby.

    To qualify for this credit card, have a 700-749 credit score. There are no annual charges, and you don't get a welcome bonus. But, the APR rate is regular, which keeps your debt affordable.

Build Credit Using Your Credit Card

The best credit cards for millennials are the ones that allow you to earn rewards living your regular life, like paying for groceries, gas, rent, or travel, without going out of budget. You could hold one or several credit cards to ensure that each of your interests is covered. But, before applying for a credit card, ensure that your accounts are in good order because too much credit card debt can be detrimental to the credit you're working to build. has more resources to guide you on using credit cards to build credit, without racking up debt. Contact us to get the best offer.