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Are you looking for information on any personal finance topics? Do you want suggestions for some finance products or services? Whatever it is - we've got it. This blog features articles covering personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, travel, and investments.

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From Zero to Hero: Building Credit for Beginners

You're young, either starting your first job or working for a while, and have a list of financial milestones in mind: rent an apartment, buy a car, or buy a house. But in America, unless you pay in cash, all these things are beyond reach without credit.

Mastering Mortgages: Essential Information for First-Time Home Buyers

Are you looking to buy a home for the first time? We’ve got a checklist with helpful information to help make your home ownership dream a reality. First-time buyers often lack clear information about the home-buying process. This step-by-step ...

Navigating Investments: How To Grow Your Money In Your 50s

Turning 50 is awesome! After half a century of existence, there's much to celebrate! You have enjoyed your younger years, somehow figured out how life works, and amassed several life lessons. But, in your 50s, retirement is no longer a ...

Using a Credit Card To Build Credit: The Best Credit Cards for Millennials

Credit cards are not typically designed for particular demographics, but lenders may include benefits and rewards for a certain subgroup. For example, millennials are more into unique experiences and creating memories than owning things...

Finding The Right Loan: First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Options

Owning your first house is exciting! It's an enviable financial milestone we all aspire to reach, especially while still young. Although the high cost of home ownership today can be discouraging, lenders have special first-time ...

Midlife Money Matters: Refinancing To A Shorter-Term Mortgage

If you’re in or approaching midlife, you’re probably thinking about retirement. A retirement that you would enjoy a lot more – or could better save for – by eliminating your debts. If you’re like most homeowners, your largest debt ...

Home Loans 101: Understanding Mortgage Terminology for a Smooth Homebuying Process

The decision to buy your home is incredibly exciting, but it also invokes anxiety. One source of anxiety is the complicated mortgage jargon. However, understanding mortgage terminology can help you overcome the ...

What Should I Use My Credit Card For: Tips for Responsible Credit Card Use

Most Americans own a couple of credit cards, and for good reason. It’s a secure and convenient way to purchase instead of carrying cash. Your card usage and repayments also help to maintain an active credit history that pays forward in the future lenders need to look at your credit history.

Travel Hacking 101: Travel Credit Card Comparison

Travel enthusiasts appreciate the sheer delight of receiving discounts, rewards, and other perks from credit card use. Travel is already whimsical and delightful, and credit card rewards make it all the more captivating. You could get free flights, discounted hotel stays,...

How To Get The Most Out Of Credit Card Rewards Programs

Credit card rewards programs are loyalty program issuers run to encourage taking up and using their cards. You get cash back, credit card reward points, or other perks for every transaction. Therefore, the more you use your card,...

Credit Cards 101: Understanding Credit Card Terminology

Credit card terms can be confusing. We compiled some common terms and their meanings, in what we call Credit Cards 101, to help you make informed decisions when taking on credit card debt. Credit card issuers also count on your understanding of credit cards to handle and repay debt responsibly.

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